TV France International took part in the LA Virtual Screenings from May 11 to 20, 2021.  

LA Virtual Screenings is an online market that brings together multi-genre audiovisual content and enables international distributors to present their programs to 1,485 registered buyers.

Through a partnership between TV France and Prensario, nine of our members had the opportunity to showcase one of their programs (dubbed or sub-titled in English) on the TV France stand. (NB: Only nine spots were available (free of charge) up until April 21).

The nine programs presented were: 

1- Gloria, presented by About Premium Content 

2- Grosha & Mr B, presented by France TV Distribution  

3- The Art of Crime, presented by Gaumont  

4- Brazen, presented by MIAM  

5- Supernature, presented by Only Distrib  

6- Rachel, how France judges autism, presented by Scriptline  

7- Mick the Mini Chef, presented by Studio Redfrog  

8- The Cleaner, presented by Taxi Rights  

9- Exile of the eagle, presented by Windrose 

The TV France stand was ranked 7th in terms of number of screenings per company, with a particular peak on May 17 :

Between May 11 and 31, the nine programs were screened 265 times, with 177 interactions with buyers and 101 unique buyers – see details below :