Le Rendez-Vous Bi@rritz 2021 will take place from September 6 to 8 and, like every year, will be specifically dedicated to French programs. This year the market will again be an entirely digital event due to the global health crisis. Our flagship event has already garnered more than 220 buyers and 119 distributors who will visit our dedicated platform: lerendezvous.tv during these dates. 

Invitations to Le Rendez-Vous Bi@rritz were sent out to buyers a few weeks ago and so far more than 220 buyers from around 60 countries have registered.  

The majority come from countries bordering France, in particular Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. These are major clients for distributors of French programs. 

We have also observed a good level of registrations from North America, in particular Canada and the USA, no doubt because of the “Lupin effect”, since buyers from channels specialized in European fiction such as Topic and MHz will be present.  

The Asian delegation is also considerable with buyers from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.  

For Oceania, representatives from the SBS have also registered! 

In Africa: Tunisia, Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, the DRC and Senegal are represented for the French-speaking side, and for English-speaking Africa there are buyers from Ethiopia and Ghana. 

New buyers such as Box Brazil in Brazil, the Groupe Media TFO in Canada, Mediaset in Spain, Nexo Digital in Italy, NPO in the Netherlands, the Ukranian public service broadcaster, MyEntertainment and Stardust Media in the USA, the Russian youth channel Multilandia, and AMC Networks Central Europe will be taking part in the next edition of Le Rendez-Vous. 

Number of buyers per country

The list of Confirmed Buyers is updated in real time on the TV France International site here (connect and select the Confirmed Buyers tab, as the default selection is Participating Companies). 

On the distributor side, there are no less than 119 registered so far, including:  

About Premium Content, Ampersand, Andana, Another Planet, Arte, Autour de Minuit, BALANGA, Beliane, C & Co, Calt Distribution, CINETEVE, CLPB RIGHTS, Cybergroup, Dandelooo, Federation Entertainment, FESTIVAAL DISTRIBUTION, Film & Picture, FRANCE TV DISTRIBUTION, GAD, GAUMONT, GO-N, Hari International, Illegitime Defense, INA, Java Films, Kwanza, LS Distribution, LUCKY YOU, LUKARN, Mediatoon, Mediawan, MIAM, Millimages, MK2, Morgane, Newen, ONLY DISTRIB, Pathé, PLANET ANKAMA, PLAYBIG, Playtime, Point du Jour, Prime, PRINCESSE SAM PICTURES, Pyramide International, Reservoir DOCS, Scriptline, SND, STUDIO CANAL , Studio Redfrog, Studio Woutipoup, Superights, Taxi Rights, Telmondis, Terranoa, TF1 STUDIO, The Party Film Sales, Wild bunch TV, Xilam, ZED. 

During the event, 13 Super Highlights (program presentations) and 16 project pitch sessions will take place. These will be followed by Q&A sessions with international buyers and will be available on replay at lerendezvous.tv until September 30. We will be sending you the detailed program soon.