TV France is delighted to welcome its new member C&CO; founded in 2011 by Catherine Chevassu, it specializes in international sales of documentaries and fiction. Catherine has always been keen to support women within her company and in the industry generally, and she is proud of the diversity of her catalog.

“I believe documentaries are once again in the spotlight, and they are an excellent way to introduce the next generation to inspiring female figures in every field – science, politics, art, etc. – and also to many ordinary women who are, in fact, extraordinary!” says Catherine Chevassu, CEO.

Play Big 

Frédéric Puech

Play Big is a newly launched independent entertainment company specializing in the distribution of animation programs and films for both linear and non-linear platforms. Play Big is based in Paris and Lille, and has Frédéric Puech (ex-PlanetNemo) at the helm.

Go Astro Boy Go (52×13′) is our flagship program for the beginning of the year. It was produced in France by our sister company and animation studio, Something Big, for the Japanese company Tezuka Productions. We represent the series in Europe (excluding France), the Middle East, and North America. Designed for pre-school children, Go Astro Boy Go is a spin-off featuring the Astro Boy character. Astro is younger than in the original series, and he lives in a different world to that of his older self. His world still badly needs super heroes, but there are no evil robots to fight. Instead, he has to fight for the fate of Planet Earth, its ecosystems, and all its inhabitants. The series helps young people understand how the planet works and how they can contribute to respecting and protecting the world around us,” says Puech.

2 Minutes

Jean-Michel Spiner

2 Minutes is a production company and animation studio founded in 2000 by Jean Michel Spiner; it develops, produces and co-produces animation programs. Over the last 20 years, its teams have created around 40 series and participated in the production of seven animated feature films. 2 Minutes recently opens up its activities to include distribution.

According to Jean-Michel Spiner, CEO, “The intensification of our production work along with our desire to grasp the market’s needs further upstream have led us to start working on distribution. The first program we will work on is Chouette, Pas Chouette, an animated series for 4-6 year olds aimed at breaking down sexist prejudices. The series was launched France in January 2021, by several broadcasters simultaneously (TF1, France Televisions, Canal+, M6, GULLI, DISNEY, NICKELODEON).”

Princess SAM Pictures

Sonia de Moura

Run by Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian, Princess SAM Pictures produces and distributes the new 3D animation series adapted from the highly successful Tara Duncan books, the rights for which are held by the Princess SAM Entertainment Group.  

Chefclub TV

Marie-Laure Marchand

Chefclub, “the eat-entertainment brand”, is a brand that brings people together in the kitchen, making cookery both extraordinary and accessible. Thanks to free distribution of content and an innovative positioning between cookery and entertainment, the brand is growing rapidly: its recipe videos get more than one billion views every month, and Chefclub has 100 million social media followers worldwide.

According to Marie-Laure Marchand, SVP Global Consumer Products & Business Development, “Chefclub is the fastest-growing cookery brand on social media, with more than 1.5 billion views per month thanks to our spectacular cookery videos. Our objective is now to increase our audiences and broadcast our content on TV and VOD platforms internationally. We offer 200X5′ episodes of Chefclub Original for adults and 100X5′ Chefclub Kids episodes for children from 4 years up.”

We Make

We Make is a creative and production studio for original topical/live formats [JA1] and fiction for both the French and international market. Set up in June 2017 by Bouchra Rejani, in under three years, WeMake has developed a catalog of over 70 original formats and signed several production, co-production and distribution deals with major players on the international stage.  

La Fabrique des Formats

La Fabrique des Formats is a cluster dedicated to audiovisual and digital innovation in formats. It brings together local and international market intelligence services with training and expertise to support formats producers and project leader. La Fabrique des Formats also has an investment fund dedicated to financing the creation and development of innovative projects in the audiovisual formats sector. 

Script Line

Script Line is based in Paris’ 9th district and specializes in the production and distribution of documentaries and drama. Their distribution program catalog keeps growing thanks to their numerous meetings with writers and directors. The main themes of their documentary catalog are environmental protection, French and international social issues, and exceptional European sites of historical significance. The company is also interested in events with worldwide consequences. The company recently acquired a drama/re-enactment based on the real-life events of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the 10th anniversary of which will be commemorated this year.

“Drama series projects are also linked to meetings with creators. We are currently developing the thriller, spy drama, current events, geopolitics and history genres with various writers and directors with international sales opportunities in mind” says Gini Lorin