I am delighted to be able to communicate with you in this way; this newsletter will be a valuable resource, providing information and reinforcing your relationship with TV France

TV France’s objective, as you know, is to promote French audiovisual content around the world, helping it gain recognition and visibility. And to ensure that information you receive about it is as relevant and comprehensive as possible.

When we are not experiencing a health crisis, you get to meet the roughly one hundred members of our association – producers, distributors and broadcasters of audiovisual content – during international markets, on the TV France International stand or on our members’ stands. You also meet at Le  Rendez-Vous de Biarritz (the “French screenings” at which, all being well, we hope to see you from September 5-9 this year), and throughout the year via our online screening platform, Screenopsis, which offers access to their programs, filtered and organized to facilitate your search and choice.

Of course, during this global health crisis, meeting is not so easy, since the markets where we saw each other regularly have been cancelled, and their re-opening dates keep being pushed back. Today, no-one really knows when normal service will resume. For the last year, all suppositions have proven to be the products of false hope. Now, we just have to wait patiently, and take care of each other and ourselves.  

To make up for the absence of our usual meet-ups, we are putting in place a number of tools to help strengthen the important connections between us all.

The Screens, launched in 2020, with which you are now familiar, will be held again this year. A certain number will take place before the summer. These events enable us to spotlight new content by genre – fiction, animation, documentary, etc. in an editorialized way.

On March 18, we will be launching a new initiative to highlight documentary content, Le Rendez-Vous Docs.You will be able to find all the latest documentaries in a dedicated screening room, and also enjoy pitching sessions that will let you know more about new content and projects in progress, presented by their distributors in an attractive, innovative format and an unmistakably French setting. Save the date, and don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the informative and entertaining event we are preparing just for you.

In September, as I’ve said, we have Le Rendez-Vous Biarritz. You will be informed in this newsletter about the event which, for the last 25 years, has enabled buyers from every corner of the world to screen new French content and meet distributors, all within a relaxed atmosphere, looking out onto the Atlantic from a particularly attractive region of France.

In the coming weeks, we will tell you more about the nominees for the Export Prize 2021, which is awarded to the year’s best exports in three categories: animation, fiction and documentary. We will be asking you, our valued buyers, to help us choose three finalists from among the nominees in each genre. The Prize will be presented to the winners in the third quarter 2021.  

There you have it, my dear friends from the international audiovisual world, a message from the entire TV France International team, who write the articles in this new newsletter.

We hope you will enjoy reading it and that you will do so regularly!

See you soon!