TV France activities

TV France is working hard to enable you to participate in as many international markets as possible, throughout the year and in a variety of ways: 

  • TV France special offers (negotiated rates and subsidies);
  • Spotlights on your programs in a dedicated screening room in Screenopsis at each market;
  • Dedicated and targeted communications for international buyers;
  • An extra offer in addition to existing markets: les Screens, themed, made-to-measure digital markets held through Screenopsis.

The next Screens 

  • ScreenHistory, from May 3 to June 3: exploring history through a wealth of French documentary content

Broaden your horizons and gain a better understanding of today’s world through a deep dive into archive footage, discover key figures that defined their age, deepen your knowledge of the history of different countries… 

ScreenHistory is our offer for historical documentaries, a rich and varied genre in which France excels.

Participating companies: Balanga, CLPB Rights, INA, Lucky You and TeamTO, presenting 32 programs in total.

  • Screen Feel Good, from May 17 to June 17: a little light relief in trying times

Drama, series and animated specials, documentaries, shows, games… A multi-genre offer for some much needed wellbeing viewing to help you feel good alone, in the company of room-mates, or surrounded by your family… 

Sunny Side of the Doc will take place from June 21 to 14, 2021, online only. 

Registration via TV France closed on April 22, as did pitching submissions.  

Member companies participating in Sunny Side this year:  

About Premium Content – Another Planet – Balanga – Cinétévé – Gedeon – Lucky You – Lukarn – Only Distrib – Point du jour – Prime Entertainment – Taxi Rights – Terranoa – ZED 

LA Virtual Screenings 

As part of a partnership with Prensario, TV France International in taking part in the LA Virtual Screenings from May 11 to 20, 2021, and offering nine member companies the chance to spotlight one of their programs (dubbed or with English subtitles) on the TV France stand. The nine spots (free of charge) were available up until April 21.
LA Virtual Screenings is an online market that brings together audiovisual content from multiple genres and enables international distributors to present their programs to buyers from across the globe. 

The first nine companies to seize this opportunity (and submit completed applications): 

About Premium Content – France TV Distribution – Gaumont – MIAM – Only Distrib – Scriptline – Studio Redfrog – Taxi Rights – Windrose 


The fifth edition of MIPChina will take place online from June 28 to 30, 2021. It offers a meeting place for international distributors to sell their programs to 150 buyers from 12 Asian countries.  

 TV France is offering the following negotiated conditions:  

  • A personal schedule of 18 pre-organized meetings across three days with Asian buyers: broadcasters, streaming platforms and distributors looking for new drama, factual, formats and youth content. 
  • A screening will be provided free of charge to the first 10 French distributors to sign up for this offer (content to be provided by May 5 at the latest). 

MIPChina is recognized by Business France, which means that Business France will pay 50% of the registration fee. More information here

Member companies present: Arte, 2 Minutes, France TV Distribution, Hari International, LS Distribution, Superights, Terranoa, ZED 

Deadline for registrations for MIPChina: May 5 

French Drama Festival  

Closure of applications for the French Drama Festival.

With the support of TV5 MONDE and in partnership with Séries Mania and TV France International, the French Embassy in South Korea is organizing the second edition of “FeDe – French Drama Festival”, the festival of French TV series in Korea on the Korean VOD platform Wavve.  

This free festival gives the Korean public one month to be the first to discover French series sub-titled in Korean. The festival will take place this summer – the exact date will be confirmed soon.

The call for applications closed on April 18 and the jury met for the first time on April 21. 

Jury members:  Seunghee Han (Wavve), Jiyoung Yang (TV5MONDE), Rebecca Sow (Séries Mania), Christina Yoon (Bonne Nuit), Songhyun Lee (Embassy), Elisa Joliveau-Breney (Embassy) 

40 series were presented by the following member companies:  

About Premium Content, Balanga, Federation Entertainment, Federation International, Francetv distribution, Gaumont, LS Distribution, Newen Connect, Playtime, SND and Studio Canal.