For the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the promotion of the French audiovisual sector is particularly important. It helps finance associations that support export, like TV France International, and has a 32-strong network of audiovisual attachés across 92 countries. They provide support for economic and cultural diplomacy in various domains, including the cinema, audiovisual programs, the media, video games and immersive reality. Their main goals are to promote French content, conduct market intelligence to help export companies, highlight the expertise of people and institutions, and to raise France’s profile for all things audiovisual, such as filming, training, festivals and markets

Joséphine Vinet

Joséphine Vinet, Audiovisual Coordinator, manages operations for the audiovisual sector within the Audiovisual Division of the Ministry, which is – among other things – tasked with conducting the global strategy for the audiovisual network. 

She describes how this network plays a key role for the audiovisual industry:


Audiovisual attachés are valued partners for French players, and in particular for TV France International, which plays a regular role in their work. In the audiovisual sector, they work closely with festivals and local markets to highlight French content. For example, the audiovisual attaché in Singapore helped organize a French content showcase during the Asia Television Forum 2020, and every year they invite a French business leader to speak at the CEO Forum. They are also tasked with promoting the big international meet-ups held in France among local professionals: these include the Rendez-Vous de Biarritz organized by TV France International, MIPTV and MIPCOM in Cannes, MIFA in Annecy, and Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle. As part of this role, the audiovisual attaché in Buenos Aires is preparing to bring an Argentinian delegation to Séries Mania, to be held in Lille at the end of August.

They can also organize events from scratch, targeting French content in all genres (series, animation, documentaries, formats, etc.), and creating connections with local professionals. These actions can take the form of professional meetings like the Rendez-Vous de Mumbai, organized by TV France International and the French Institute in India and oriented toward youth content, drawing on the success of French animation in India.  

Rendez-Vous Mumbai – January 2018

During the health crisis that paralyzed the global audiovisual industry, audiovisual attachés proved particularly creative by organizing B2B and B2C events, online and in person both in regions where French content is already well known and also in countries that have yet to discover our work. They seized the opportunity offered by the international situation to conquer new markets. This was how the first edition of Screenings français in Sao Paulo came about in November 2020, an initiative spearheaded by the French Embassy in Brazil and held in conjunction with TV France International. The audiovisual and cultural attaché organized a day of screenings of French audiovisual content for Brazilian buyers. Similarly, eight French series were presented to Chinese buyers at the French Institute in Beijing at the end of January. 

Some attachés are also taking the opportunity to explore new digital possibilities. The audiovisual attaché in South Korea, for example, is preparing, in partnership with TV France International, the French channel TV5MONDE, and Séries Mania, the second edition of FeDe – French Drama Festival, an online festival for French TV series subtitled in Korean, available free of charge on one of the country’s main VOD platforms, Wavve.

French Drama Festival – FeDe (South Korea)

The reach of French audiovisual content is based on the creativity and expertise of its professionals, but also on the work of our audiovisual attachés. They offer French companies support by providing a local contact that helps identify opportunities for development (partnerships, events) thanks to their network and local knowledge.They are an incredibly precious resource for the French audiovisual sector. Local professionals are invited to contact them when looking for content and projects with French partners, or to contact the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in Paris.

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