For this latest edition of our magazine – our first in conjunction with UniFrance – we have two important pieces of information to share.

  1. First, the creation by vote of new bodies for our joint organization went perfectly on June 23.

    In all of the professional categories represented (exporters – TV and cinema; producers – TV and cinema; short-film makers and artists in both sectors), the elections resulted in the creation of the relevant committees. Let us remember that it is within these committees that the work gets done and proposals are created. During their monthly meetings, these thinking groups enable the professionals within them to consider the activities they would like to develop to give better visibility to their work and further develop their efforts internationally.  

    In the wake of this, in the afternoon of June 23, these committees nominated their representatives, chairs, vive-chairs and members, who will henceforth form the governing bodies (Executive Board, Steering Committee) and will run the organization.
  2. On July 2, during its first meeting, the newly formed Steering Committee elected its Chair and Vice-Chair for a first term of two years. Following a presentation by the two competing pairs, the Steering Committee decided to put its faith in the people writing to you today. These are the people who, over the last few months, ensured the smooth merger of the two organizations and who previously ran their respective organizations. They know the teams well and have worked with them for years, so this is a choice that results in continuity. They also understand the professions and the development of their soft power internationally.

    They wish to leave the teams under the management of Daniela Elstner, with all the experience she offers. They intend to lead our enlarged organization while leaving an important place for the Committees’ proposals, validated by the Executive Board which will meet in September. The Chair and the Vice-Chair will keep a balance within the organization and ensure harmonious relations between the TV and cinema divisions as they work together towards international expansion.

    It is in Cannes, during the Festival that follows these nominations, that our united organization will appear in public for the first time, facing professionals from all over the world.  

We are particularly happy to celebrate the conclusion of a huge amount of work, effort and negotiation on the part of all our members to reach a fantastic result of which all our professions can be justly proud.

Long live exportation, long live international work, and long live the new UniFrance!

Serge Toubiana
Hervé Michel