TV France International would like to introduce two key members of the International Information division: Isabelle David and Juliette Lecuyer, well known among TV France and Le Rendez-Vous Biarritz regulars, with whom they have already had contact.  

Over the years, they have developed strong relationships with members and buyers alike, providing valuable information about all regions via our International Database (IDB). The audiovisual sector is evolving rapidly, so Juliette and Isabelle’s expertise is useful and allows TV France and its members to understand trends and map the market’s players.

Each day, they manage international data and study potential markets for our members in order to turn them into sales opportunities for French content abroad.   

Juliette and Isabelle are in direct contact with buyers from around the world, supporting their search for French content. In addition, their analyses enable French distributors to improve their understanding of different regions and target the best broadcasters for them.

Isabelle has been with TV France International for more than 20 years. She loves traveling and experiencing different cultures, and has provided effective support for a wide variety of industry players. Isabelle specializes in the markets in Germany, Austria, the Benelux countries, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Eire, Malta, Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Asia-Pacific.    

Juliette joined Isabelle in the department 10 years ago, using her cultural awareness and market knowledge to offer you effective analysis. Juliette focuses on Spain, Portugal, Italy, the UK, Scandinavia, the USA, Canada and Latin America.

Do not hesitate to contact Isabelle and Juliette for any information you may require.