Le Rendez-Vous Bi@rritz took place from September 6 to 8, 2021, bringing together 67 member export companies and 327 buyers around 550 programs.  

Replays of all the Super Highlights and pitches will be available on lerendezvous.tv until September 30.  

The 12 Super Highlights presented were: 


Algiers Confidential (About Premium Content) 

Hashtag Boomer (Balanga) 

A French Case (Federation Entertainment) 

Saving Lisa (Film & Picture) 

Uncoupling (StudioCanal) 


Children of Chaos, What Became of WW2 Orphans? (Terranoa) 

Raising Notre-Dame (ZED) 

When Big Tech Targets Healthcare (ARTE Distribution) 

Green Heroes (Only Distrib) 


Galactic Agency (APC Kids) 

Zouk (Festivaal Distribution) 

Simon Super Rabbit (Go-N International) 

Little Furry (Mediatoon Distribution) 

The 16 pitches presented were: 


The Gospel of Wealth – A Story of Capitalism (1870-2020) (ARTE Distribution) 

The New Deal – A Man Who Changed America (Balanga) 

Pharaohs of the Two Lands (Lucky You) 

Tutankhamun, from Treasure to Curse (Lukarn) 

A Justice of Terror (ZED) 

The Sect (Federation Entertainment) 

Grunge: A Story of Music and Rage (Mediawan Rights) 

Jim Carrey – America Unmasked (Terranoa) 

Earth, a Living Body (France tv distribution) 

Beyond the Far Side – The Dawn of a Space Revolution (CLPB Rights) 

Antartica: The Cold Hard Truth (Kwanza) 

YtoY: The Wilderness Corridor of the Rockies (Taxi Rights) 


SamSam (Mediatoon Distribution) 

Electric Zombie (PlayBig) 

Bobby & the Bottle Brigade (PlayBig) 

Melvin (Studio Woutipoup)