LA Virtual Screenings is an online market that brings together audiovidual content in multiple genres and which allows international distributors to present their programs to buyers from all over the world.

As part of our partnership with Prensario, TV France International is participating in the LA Virtual Screenings and offering nine member companies the chance to highlight one of their programs (dubbed or sub-titled in English) on the TV France stand.

The nine programs to be presented are:

1- Gloria, presented by  About Premium Content

In a small town in Brittany, Gloria, a mother of three children, sees her life turned upside down when her husband goes to work one morning and never comes back. A thrilling and intimate drama set on the scenic Brittany coast, GLORIA is a show about a down-to-Earth, relatable woman on a quest for answers.

2- Grosha & Mr B, presented by  France TV Distribution

Grosha & Mr B. are two cat detectives who work as a team at the Special Bureau of Investigation (SBI). The two agents have diametrically opposed methods and characters, and their job is to solve the wackiest of criminal cases.

3- The Art of Crime, presented by  Gaumont

Hotheaded but with a keen insight for investigation, Antoine Verlay, a Parisian cop who knows nothing about art, teams up with the Louvre’s renowned art historian, Florence Chassagne. As Antoine and Florence solve a series of modern-day crimes, they unveil some mysteries of the European cultural and historical heritage.

4- Brazen, presented by MIAM

BRAZEN is a family series adapted from the bestselling comic book “Culottées” by Pénélope Bagieu  (+600K copies sold worldwide). The portraits of 30 women, each revolutionary in their own way, who wrote their own destinies and changed the world! Astronaut, empress, animal interpreter… whoever they were and wherever they came from, those Brazen ladies were out to tear down prejudice and bring energy and hope to next generations.

5- Supernature, presented by Only Distrib

There is no doubt, the future is biomimetic! Let us get inspired by the phenomenal powers of nature and copy the super solutions it has developed through evolution in order to solve all our problems and limit the damage that has already been done by human activity.

6- Rachel, how France judges autism, presented by Scriptline

August 2015, a judge removes Rachel from child minder of her three children diagnosed with autism. Justice and child protection criticize her for having locked her children in an «imaginary handicap» to draw attention to her. Yet Rachel has neither the power of imagination nor the ability to lie. She is autistic Asperger’s. She discovered it at the age of 30.  Her history is symptomatic of the treatment of autism in France, the last country in the world to train its psychiatrists and social workers in the precepts of psychoanalysis.

7- Mick the Mini Chef, presented by Studio Redfrog

Mick our favorite mini chef comes back on TV with a new cooking lesson formula! For this new season Mick will share all his secrets to become great Mini Chef to two new little apprentices, Sam & Nino. Once trained, both young kitchen elves will help kids from all around to cook delicious recipes; but for now, they need to learn the basics! But Sam and Nino are not that easy to coach ! Luckily our easy-going Mick will always come up with solutions and great tips to making things easier !

8- The Cleaner, presented by Taxi Rights

Donovan Tavera keeps his family out of poverty by cleaning up bloody crime scenes across Mexico City. He helps the families of the dead mourn their losses and clears for them the way to the afterlife. In this innovative feature between documentary and vivid surreal animations, Donovan Tavera struggles to continue his bloody work whilst keeping not only his wife and daughter together but also his mind.

9- Exile of the eagle, presented by Windrose

For his 200 death anniversary, this blue-chip documentary narrates Napoleon’s 300 days of exile, on the Elba Island, after his defeat on the battle field. This chapter of his life, destined to be the last one, will turn out to be a stepping stone to the re-conquest of power, a key moment in the History of Europe, in the XIXth century.