Cartoon Forum recently announced its selection of programs for the 2021 edition of the festival, to take place September 20 – 23. French animation is in the spotlight in this year’s selection, and UniFrance congratulates its members and all the other French participants chosen, who are helping to extend the reach of French animation throughout the world.

Five projects have been chosen in the pre-school category (2 – 5 years):

  • Blue Wolfie, produced by Label Anim. Wolfie is an adorable little wolf cub of nearly three years old. Enthusiastic and inquisitive, kind and cheeky, wild and joyful, on the hunt for emotion, he has an active imagination (pre-school 2-3; 52 x 7 mins).
  • Pebble Hill by Marjolaine Perreten (Le Dernier Jour d’Automne, Novembre), Franco-Swiss-Belgian co-production from La Boîte,… Productions, Les Films du Nord and Nadasdy Film. Heavy rain causes a river to burst its banks and destroy the shrews’ home. Forced to leave, the little family decides to head for Pebble Hill (pre-school 4-5; 1 x 26 mins).
  • Piggy Builders by Emmanuelle Leleu and Julien Hazebroucq for Xilam Animation. After their adventures with the Big Bad Wolf, the three little piggies carry on with what they do best: building houses. César, Charlie and Cornelia are known throughout the forest as the Piggy Builders (pre-school 4-5; 52 x 11 mins).
  • Suzon, produced by Mondo TV France. Six-year-old Suzon has an extraordinary gift: she can understand and talk to animals. Suzon has lots of fun ideas, and often a little help is needed to get her out of scrapes. I’ll scratch your back, if you’ll scratch mine… What a good idea! (pre-school 4-5; 52 x 11 mins).
  • Chooks, directed by Florian Thouret and produced by Caribara Production (pre-school 4-5).

Eight projects chosen are for teenagers and/or young adults:

  • Canabiz, by Victorien Tardif, Oscar Aubry and Mickael Dupré, co-produced by Lardux Films and Neos Films. Through the stories of a teenager, a young woman, a person in their forties, and an ex-convict, we get a backstage look at illegal trafficking and complex social situations (10 x 5 mins).
  • Freaked Out by Théo Grosjean, co-produced by Autour de Minuit and FKLG. Théo is trying to get through the personal Odyssey that is his everyday life: taking the underground, the train, parties, ride-sharing… Will he manage, or will he stay stuck at home watching TV, defeated by the dangers of the real world? (20 x 2 mins).
  • Samuel, directed by Emilie Tronche for Les Valseurs. My name is Samuel, I am 10 years old, and I have a problem. But I don’t want to talk about it. Basil told Julie that I love her. I hate him. Actually, I do love Julie, but no-one must know, not even Corentin. (20 x 4 mins).
  • A Cyberspy on Social Media: 12 True “Connected” Stories directed by Vincent Gaullier and Jean-Jacques Lonni, produced by Schuch Productions and Look at Sciences.
  • Beaver & Co, directed by Michaël Bolufer for Plip ! Animation.
  • Starting with Hope by Sonia Velvien for Moukda Production.
  • Voro, directed by Yannick Zanchetta, co-produced by les Films du Poisson Rouge and Why Not Animation & Interaction.
  • What it Takes by Kelsi Phung and Fabien Corre, produced by les Astronautes.

The majority of projects are family viewing or for children of 6 to 11.

  • Abyss : a Very Special Case Unit, directed by Luc Vinciguerra for Les Armateurs. In Abyss, la fun town at the bottom of the ocean, strange events disturb the inhabitants’ peaceful lives. Fortunately, two investigators are ready for action: Nalis, an exuberant squid, and Kiwapa, a clever crab (52 x 13 mins).
  • Corgi, a Royal Family, Franco-Belgianco-production directed by Jérémie Guneau for Studio Redfrog and nWave. Rex, the queen’s favorite Corgi is back with a woof!  After his film adventures, he’s back in Buckingham Palace with Wanda, the love of his dog-life, and a few months later – a growing family. (52 x 11 mins).
  • It’s Your Body! directed by Yulia Aronova and Eloïc Gimenez for Dandelooo. Why do we talk about having butterflies in our tummy? The body’s physiological workings are explained to children playfully – from the point of view of animals!  Each animal offers its own answer to the questions posed – with various degrees of accuracy… (26 x 5 mins).
  • Me and my Compost by Lionel François, co-produced by Vivement Lundi ! and Superprod. Six-year-old Charlie has only one wish: to save the planet. To do that, she can count on her best friend, Compostman, a friendly and ecological monster full of mischief and ready to imagine a better world. (52 x 11 mins).
  • Space Ham by Nicolai Vielwerth, Franco-Danish co-production from Dandelooo and MiniCosmos. Two pigs are keeping watch over a space station on an asteroid far, far away. Best friends and trained professionals (engineer and botanist), their attempts to behave like adults are more madcap than they are safe. (52 x 9 mins).
  • The McFire Family produced by Cyber Group Studios. Jax, Sparkle and Tom McFire (6, 10 and 12 years old) are the next generation of firefighters, ready to join their parents and grandparents on dangerous rescue missions! (52 x 11 mins).
  • A’Ai Myths and Legends of Polynesia, directed by Sébastien Bousquet and co-produced by Les Films du Tambour de Soie, MaGic C and Pacific TV Production.
  • Audrey’s Shelter, directed by Matthieu Gaillard (Pompon Ours) for Watch Next Media.
  • Griott & Mungo, produced by La Station Animation.
  • Hadido and the Red Flower, directed by Fabrice Fouquet for HECAT Studio.
  • Kroissan Wants to Be Famous, directed by Pascal David and produced by Cosmic Productions.
  • Living with Dad by Daniel Klein, Franco-Belgian co-production from Dupuis Edition & Audiovisuel and Belvision.
  • Mister Crocodile produced by The Magical Society.
  • My Dog, God and the Pokethings produced by TNZPV Productions.
  • Norman has no Superpower by Idriss Benseghir, produced by BIG COMPANY.
  • Rek & Nola, directed by Aleksandar Dzoni-Sopov and Régis Vidal, co-produced by Studio 100 Animation and Caribara Production.
  • Sacha and the Christmas Creatures by Laura Cruciani and Pierre-Adrien Lecerf, produced by Xbo Films.
  • Team Nuggets by Tor Fruergaard and Michael Hegner, Franco-Danis co-production from GODO Films and Sparre Production.
  • The Chimera Keepers by Clément De Ruyter, produced by Monello Productions.
  • The Last of the Pebbles by Caroline Cherrier (Horacio, Why Mud – Seven Tides, Fusée-signal) for Tant Mieux Prod.
  • Under the School by Max Maléo, co-produced by Ellipsanime Productions and Timpel Pictures.
  • Virtual Past, directed by Iskandar Dchicha and Jules Thénier, produced by Cross River Productions.
  • Wild Life City directed by Nicolas Deveaux (Athleticus) for Cube Créative Productions.