Monday, August 30 – Lille Grand Palais, Auditorium Eurotop

The sixth edition of COMING NEXT from FRANCE, organized by TV France International (Unifrance) and Séries Mania, will take place as part of the Séries Mania Forum, in Lille and online, on Monday August 30 (times to be confirmed).

With a special focus this year on series formats, the event will offer distributors and producers the chance to bring to market international adaptation rights for recognized series as well as ambitious and innovative concepts.

The five formats presented during the COMING NEXT from FRANCE Formats Special:

  • #Boomer by Balanga
  • The Bureau by Federation Entertainment
  • Diana Boss by France tv distribution
  • 6.30 pm by Lukarn
  • The Rope by Wild Bunch TV

“For about 10 years, French series have enjoyed growing interest internationally and have been more and more recognized at festivals. While program sales are on the up, the commercialization of formats remains an opportunity with room for further development,” explains Sarah Hemar, Executive Director of TV France International.

Hence our choice this year to showcase French projects for adaptation, with a selection of five formats ranging from the multi award-winning The Bureau (Federation Entertainment) to other promising new concepts. We are presenting #Boomer (Balanga) a “dramedy” examining modern intergenerational relationships; Diana Boss (France tv distribution), for its feminism, eloquence and self-realization; 6.30 pm (Lukarn) which takes a delicate look at our emotions, falling between romantic comedy and drama in a short format; and The Rope (Wild Bunch TV) for its suspense and fantasy. It is a real pleasure for us to support these French creations that cover so many genres and display such talent,” she adds.

Presentations will take place on site in Lille’s Grand Palais, and will be broadcast live for all participants taking part remotely.

Videos will then be available for replay on the Séries Mania Forum website and the Rendez-Vous Biarritz 2021 platform, organized by TV France International online from September 6 to 8.

#Boomer” by Balanga


Original title: #Boomer
Format: 8 x 26’
Writers: Constance Maillet
Director: Constance Maillet
Production: Mesdames Productions avec OCS
Cast: Manon Azem, Bellamine Abdelmalek, Allison Chassagne, Jule Sagot, Olivier Marchal, Laurence Bibot, Amanda Lear…
French Broadcaster: OCS
Project progress: in editing

Synopsis: The story of 4 thirty-something Parisians, as one of them becomes a father for the 1st time. The series questions the relationship between parents and children at the dawn of the 5G. Two camps oppose each other: the digital natives and the boomers. New technologies have reversed the roles: parents are guided by their children in the new digital world.

The Bureau” by Federation Entertainment

The Bureau

Original title: Le Bureau des Légendes
Format: 50 x 60’
Writers: Eric Rochant, Jacques Audiard, Thomas Bidegain, Cécile Ducrocq, Capucine Rochant, Hippolyte Girardot, Dominique Baumard, Camille de Castelnau, Olivier Dujols, Raphaël Chevènement avec la collaboration de Valentine Milville
Directors: Eric Rochant, Jacques Audiard, Anna Novion, Samuel Collardey, Mathieu Kassovitz Production: TOP – The Oligarchs Productions, Federation Entertainment
Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Sara Giraudeau, Florence Loiret Caille, Jonathan Zaccaï, Mathieu Amalric, Louis Garrel, Zineb Triki, Jules Sagot, Alexey Gorbonov, Stefan Crepon, Artus, Anne Azoulay, Irina Muluile, Laurent Grevill, Alexey Gorbonov, Maryana Spivak, Anatolii Panchenko, Jameel Khoury…
Broadcaster: Canal+
Project progress: available
Synopsis: Within the French secret service, known as the DGSE, operates a clandestine branch of undercover agents. Dispatched under false identities to hot zones all around the world, their mission is to seek out and identify potential sources. The fabricated identities these agents adopt to fulfill their mission are called Legends. They must be completely undetectable, like ghosts infiltrating a highly elaborate system. The surreptitious lives they lead are not their own, but the center of The Office of Legends a.k.a The Bureau.

Diana Boss” by France tv Distribution

Diana Boss

Original title: Diana Boss
Format: 5 x 20’
Writers: Marion Séclin et Niels Rahou
Director: Niels Rahou
Production: La Belle Télé
Cast: Moon’A, Tokou Bogui, Ilian Bergala, Julien Boisselier, Noémie de Lattre, Lord Kossity, Anne-Valérie Payet, Akim Chir, Josef Mlekuz, Vicky R, Aladoum, Kader Diaby…
Broadcaster: France tv Slash
Project progress: postproduction
Synopsis: By day, Malika is an apprentice in a law firm; at night, she becomes “Diana Boss”, battling rappers on the radio. In both cases, Malika is committed to fighting social injustice. But before long, her two passions clash, forcing her to choose her path. Which one will win: law, or rap?

6.30 pm” by Lukarn


Original title: 18h30
Format: 22 x 5’
Writers: Maxime Chamoux, Sylvain Gouverneur
Directors: Maxime Chamoux, Sylvain Gouverneur
Production: La Blogothèque
Cast: Pauline Etienne, Nicolas Grandhomme…
Project progress: available
Synopsis: At 6.30pm, Eric and Mélissa leave the office in which they both work and walk to the bus stop. 5 minutes a day, they share their various concerns. 6.30pm : the time for decisions? Shot in continuous takes, the series -a cross between romantic comedy and drama- follows the meanderings of this pair.

The Rope” by Wild Bunch TV

The Rope

Original title: La Corde
Format: 3 x 52’
Writers: Eric Forestier, Dominique Rocher
Director: Dominique Rocher
Production: Les Films de l’Instant, Versus Production
Cast: Suzanne Clément, Jeanne Balibar, Jean-Marc Barr, Richard Sammel, Jakob Cedergon…
Broadcaster: ARTE
Project progress: postproduction
Synopsis: An observatory deep in the forest. The scientists working there has finally gotten the green light for their research. But something has just disrupted their project: a seemingly endless rope has appeared, as if abandoned there. The mystery surrounding it intrigues the community so much that six of them decide to follow it to find the end…or the origin of it.

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