Dear friends and partners abroad: the TV France International that you have known since 1994 is evolving and preparing for a major change.

A large new organization is being created, uniting TV France and UniFrance, the organization for cinema professionals that has been responsible for the promotion of French cinema throughout the world for decades. 

The new organization will come into being officially this summer.

This change has been orchestrated during a troubled period plagued with uncertainty and questions. The fact that the pandemic deprived us of markets actually allowed us the time to work out many of the details.

This new venture for TV France, which we have sometimes mentioned at our meet-ups, makes sense, offers advantages, and is simply logical. We are faced with more and more competition at markets, with large and diversified catalogs presented by other countries. We will be empowered to up our game and uniting TV and cinema content will undoubtly reinforce our soft power to face the challenges ahead.

Currently, France is the only country to adopt a sales and promotional approach which differentiates between cinema and TV. Tradition and history justified this approach, perhaps, but the emergence of various platforms and the success and creative strength of TV drama series are changing the industry. Here, like everywhere else, many producers now create content for both the small and big screens. Our fiction, animation and documentary programs will receive better promotion worldwide with the help, support and know-how of our friends at UniFrance.

Our unification serves both this goal and many others. In future, working together under the same banner, TV France and UniFrance will complement each other, support each other, and promote content together for the entire audiovisual value chain at an international level.

We will work side by side while respecting our differences, and welcoming the strengths and respective know-how of our organizations and all that we can offer each other in terms of progress for our participation in international markets.

Your contacts at TV France remain unchanged: our team will stay the same and everyone will continue in their usual roles. The team will be completely transferred to within the new UniFrance, whose team will reinforce and support our work.  

This is an ambitious project, a new future that I want to build with you, our buyers and friends abroad. We will continue to take part in the same markets all the while developing others and, ultimately, will offer an enlarged and more unified presence than in the past when we meet you in Miami, Cannes, Beijing and Seoul – and anywhere else where our presence is necessary and justified. 

We will, of course, keep you updated with more information as we move forward. We wanted to communicate this first message as soon as we were able, to ensure you were aware of these imminent changes as early as possible.

The entire TV France team and I are available for a talk should you have any questions.   

Warm wishes,

Hervé Michel