And so it begins! As we move into the fall, our new joint organization is all set up, and ready to show a united front for both cinema and television in all markets. 

Our first outing will be at MIA in Rome, but it is at the IDFA in November that we will see the real results of our merger. In the past, while some of members attended the event as individuals, there was nothing organized to create a grouping of cinema and TV companies. This year represents a major change, and we will be present en masse to extend our reach ever further.

And, since we mention reach, you will see that the bags distributed at this year’s MIPCOM highlight French know-how with the line “I love French TV stories”.

And it is to some of these French TV stories that we turn our attention in today’s newsletter.

This month, you can find out about animation, documentary and fiction programs that some of our members wanted to spotlight.  

Heavy-hitters in production and distribution and independent players; memorable viewer success stories; on-the-point documentaries; and programs in development: we discuss an eclectic choice that we hope will fascinate and inspire you.

We wish you a happy start to the working year, and hope to see you soon at MIPCOM (don’t forget the cocktail party on our stand, Tuesday from 6pm)!