The first season of Gaumont’s Lupin starring Omar Sy and available on Netflix met with critical acclaim and racked up excellent viewer figures. As preparation for the second season gets underway, the show’s director, Isabelle Degeorges, explores why this cult figure with his relatable story still captures our imagination more than 100 years after his first appearance. 

The Interview

TV France : How did the idea for this Arsène Lupin reboot come about?

Isabelle Degeorges

Isabelle Degeorges : The novel rights came into the public domain in 2012, and many producers were immediately interested in these great works. At Gaumont, we developed several projects before finding the right one with George Kay and Omar Sy for Netflix.

TV France : From the original idea to the Omar Sy – Netflix – Gaumont trio: what were the big landmarks for this hit?

Isabelle Degeorges : While were in development  Omar Sy, who works regularly with Gaumont for feature films, told us that he was interested in making a series. The idea of Lupin came up immediately in the conversation. He read the project and really liked it, and that’s what we proposed to Netflix.

TV France : How do you explain the show’s success, both with viewers and critics?

Isabelle Degeorges : There are certainly several explanations, but I think one of the ingredients to success is the universal story: social vengeance, that of a child whose father has been betrayed, humiliated by his wealthy employers.

The other ingredient is the perfect match between the character, which we created based on a cult figure from French literature, and Omar Sy, who is magnetic in the series and perfectly fits the role of the gentleman thief.

Lastly, I also think the series is such a success because it is pure entertainment – for the whole family.

TV France : How was Lupin promoted in France and overseas?

Isabelle Degeorges : Netflix’s power worldwide offered the series massive exposure. Promotion in France through a social media and poster campaign was also very effective. 

TV France : What lessons did you learn from this amazing adventure?

Isabelle Degeorges : Don’t be afraid to be daring. All eyes were on us with our modern-day Lupin played by Omar Sy. And, look, we were right to believe in it.

TV France : You’ve already announced a second season.

Isabelle Degeorges : We’re working on it right now!