Prime Entertainment Group, leading European producer of cinema-related programs (biographies of actors, directors, magazines, etc..) has recently signed a deal with HBO Europe for its program Hollywood on Set. Produced and distributed by the company, it has met with great success internationally.

We met Alexandra Marguerite, Head of Sales at Prime Entertainment Group for an interview.

The interview

TV France: How did you come up with the idea of creating and producing the documentary series “Hollywood on Set”?

Alexandra Marguerite

Alexandra Marguerite: We started production for the series “Hollywood on Set” with the idea of providing cinema lovers unique access to Hollywood film sets. With our exclusive footage, we wanted to be able to share the magic of cinema with as many people as possible, by giving them a look behind the scenes of the greatest film shoots.

The idea was also to help understand how movies are made, discover some of the greatest names of the industry, and also some French directors who have worked in Hollywood, such as Michel Gondry, Matthieu Kassovitz or Louis Leterrier.

TV France: Why did you choose the “making-of” as the subject of this series?

Alexandra Marguerite: Telling the story of cinema through making-ofs is a good way of highlighting all the professions involved in the creation of the films that feed our imaginations. A film is not made just by actors and a director, but also by writers, technicians, costume designers, make-up artists and so many others, and we wanted to show everyone who contributes to making these films for audiences and movie lovers.

TV France: How did you shoot these episodes?

Alexandra Marguerite: Thanks to our continuous work, we have managed to establish strong ties in Hollywood. Part of our production team is based in our Hollywood offices, guaranteeing the quality of the series.

TV France: What about the success of the series?

Alexandra Marguerite: We were proud and delighted with the reaction to “Hollywood on Set” from the very beginning, and it quickly became one of our flagship programs. The show airs on the leading movie networks around the world like HBO, Paramount, Universal, Sony, among others.

TV France: It has been a real hit from its creation through to today. What do you think lies behind this success?

Alexandra Marguerite: “Hollywood on Set” is a long-running, weekly series, always up to date with the latest Hollywood productions, which gives it real added value, attracting broadcasters from all over the world.

One of the most interesting aspects of this series is that it is richly illustrated with exclusive images from the film sets, as well as the impressions of all the people involved in these films. In addition, each episode features the most popular film genres: action, adventure, comedy, family film, fantasy, romantic comedy, science-fiction. This diversity of subjects makes the program even more attractive.

TV France: The deal with HBO Europe is a recent example of this success that has been going on for years!

Alexandra Marguerite: Our latest deal for “Hollywood on Set” has indeed been with HBO Europe, that acquired a significant package of episodes to air in Eastern and Central European territories. It is re           lly satisfying to see this program being aired worldwide on renowned and prestigious networks.

TV France: Will “Hollywood on Set” continue to shine in the future?

Alexandra Marguerite: “Hollywood on Set” will definitely shine in the years to come, we have many viewers to entertain all over the world and many new deals to announce!