As we approach the 80th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, gifted director Michael Prazan has joined forces with Siècles Productions to take a fresh look at the relationship between Hitler and Stalin, two dictators wrestling for domination and with more in common than we realized. Christophe Bochnacki, the distributor tell us more about this powerful documentary, Hitler-Stalin: a Secret Relationship.

The Interview

TV France: What makes this film different from other important documentaries about Hitler & Stalin?

Christophe Bochnacki

Christophe Bochnacki: The key element is its editorial approach. We have never told this story from the personal angle of the relationship between the two dictators. Their long-term complicity, their mutual fascination, their collaboration… What did they think of each other? How did they influence each other? Telling a story that everybody thinks they already know from this specific perspective makes it very surprising and even disturbing. And this is what this film offers: a fresh look at History.

TV France: It also has the special touch of the director Michael Prazan?

Christophe Bochnacki: Absolutely, Michael Prazan has a particular ability to explore key historical issues in an epic and grandiose way. That makes it both very accessible and also slightly mind-blowing for a large audience. He also really knows how to blend archives well, so they speak to us deeply and clearly.

TV France: Have you had any interest from the international market so far?

Christophe Bochnacki: Yes, we have finalized our first deals with Viasat for Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, and with RTVS in Slovakia. We are in talks with several broadcasters in Europe and North America, including a global SVOD platform.

TV France : So, what would you say to convince anyone still hesitating about acquiring the film?

Christophe Bochnacki: This is a great program with all ingredients for a prime-time slot: big history, well-known protagonists, captivating storytelling, and tremendous production values. We also have some previously unseen archive footage, including Stalin’s private photographs and private conversations with Hitler explaining why he broke the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact. In addition to some fabulous work on 100% colorized archives we have several 3D animated photographs. Finally, for those who are looking for event films, there is the possibility of scheduling the documentary to coincide with this year’s 80th anniversary of Operation Barbarossa.