Superights closed out the strange year that was 2020 on a high note with the announcement of several sales in Asia in the wake of ATF. Pat the Dog, Toto Trouble conquers the world… and soon there’ll be a new kid in town!

The Interview

TV France: You took part in ATF with TV France. How did the market go for you?

Superights: ATF was just as unusual as all the other markets that took place in 2020. It’s frustrating not to be able to meet clients in person. Nevertheless, we had the opportunity to talk with lots of buyers, meet new clients, and finalize sales. The press and media coverage generated by TV France was impressive, and the organization was excellent!   

The live pitching session broadcast at the start of the event also gave Superights’ work excellent visibility. 

TV France: It was a successful market, to say the least, with the sale of several excellent programs.

Superights: It’s true, we’re happy with the results obtained despite the current global crisis, and we start 2021, which will bring many new things, on a very positive note. It’s also more confirmation of the quality of our catalog. We owe our thanks to our partners for the production of such excellent programs, and our clients for their loyalty again this year.  

TV France: Pat the Dog, and Toto Trouble conquers the world … our heroes are on quite the world tour!

Superights: Pat the Dog has indeed conquered the world, having been sold in over 180 countries. Following the success of seasons 1 and 2, we are currently developing season 3 with even more gadgets and surprises, all the while keeping Pat’s huge heart.

For Toto Trouble, the journey is only just starting, and we are hoping that its success will equal Pat’s. It was only released at the end of the summer, but the series, which was made in partnership with M6, has already won over Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, the Middle East, Ivory Coast, South Korea, Eire… and other discussions are still ongoing.

TV France: You are opening offices in Los Angeles, Milan and Paris. It seems that Superights is travelling the world too?

Superights: Yes, we believe that greater proximity to our clients will be a significant asset. Being located in different countries also allows us to get a feel for each market, their specific needs, how they are changing. That is a strategic priority for Superights.

TV France: Our next market together is Kidscreen, where a new heroine will be joining your catalog… 

Superights: That’s right.Our latest program for 2021 is Anna & Friends It’s a series of 78 seven-minute episodes created in partnership with France Télévision. It follows the crazy adventures of five energetic friends who imagine the world writ large. They have endless imagination and a solid friendship. The first episode will be presented at the market in late February.

We hope that its original graphics, imaginative stories, and unique characters will make the program a success and that Anna & Friends will join Pat and Toto on their world tour.

Toto Trouble