The Annecy International Animation Film Festival recently announced the programs selected for its 2021 edition, which will take place from June 14 to 19. French animation is in the spotlight, and TV France International would like to congratulate its members and all the other French participants chosen as they contribute to extending reach of French animation worldwide.

Sébastien Sperer, Head of Films and Programming for Annecy, says: “Our the 26 programs chosen, nine French production and co-productions, including an episode of the series Kenda, which was co-produced with Ivory Coast, have made the official selection. That’s a wonderful French presence for the festival’s 60th edition! The content is eclectic in terms of format (specials, series, web series) and audience (pre-school: Little BearMum is Pouring Rain and Mush-Mush-; family: Vanille, a carribean taleJésus, l’histoire d’une Parole; adult: Monsieur Flap). This reflects the richness of French production. And it’s a selection that features some of the major names in the French animation industry, such as Folimage, Xilam Animation and Dandelooo.” 

In the TV category, French programs in competition are:  

  • Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life “The Ghost”, directed by Jean Caryol and produced by Xilam Animation. This program follows the plus-sized adventures of two tiny chipmunks looking for the good life in a park within a big city. (36 x 7 mins 40 secs) 
  • Boon & Pimento “Pataplouf”, directed by Robin Beaumont and Paul Szajner, produced and distributed by Xilam Animation. Boon (a lazy cat) and Pimento (a hyperactive rabbit) live in a house in the middle of a desert with a site that allows them to have anything they like delivered instantly. (30 x 1 min 40 secs) 

Charles Courcier, Digital Director, Boon & Pimento, says, “Our whole team is very happy that Boon & Pimento has been selected for the Annecy festival. We are even happier as this series, co-produced with Crossriver, has already received a warm welcome on various platforms, particularly in China, and has started to attract certain TV channels. We hope that the successful pathway our two little friends are on will continue to take them far.” 

  • Little Beardirected by Matthieu Gaillard, produced by SUPAMONKS STUDIO and distributed by Dandelooo. In bear years, Pompon is nearly seven. He is cheeky, happy and playful, but above all, he has an incredible and precious talent: he knows how to make the ORDINARY EXTRAORDINARY.  (39 x 7 mins) 
  • Vanille, a carribean tale, a Franco-Swiss program directed byGuillaume Lorin, produced by Folimage, and distributed by Folimage and Prime Entertainment Group. Vanille, a little Parisian girl fresh off the plane from Guadeloupe, is plunged into the heart of a mysterious adventure that will bring her into contact with strange people and a magic flower. (30 mins 40 secs) 

Alexandra Marguerite, Head of Sales for Prime Entertainment Group, says, “We are delighted to work with Folimage, who make ambitious and original content, just like Vanille. Critically acclaimed, this excellent program has attracted several international channels and its success continues, allowing it to contribute to the reach of French content. We have had the pleasure of watching Vanille win prestigious awards, like the Audience Award for the over-eights and Grand Prize Shorts at the renowned New York International Children’s Film Festival (NYICFF). Since 2019, PRIME has tried to enrich our animation catalog by providing our partners with a promising and high-quality offer.”

  • Kenda, a France/Ivory Coast program directed by Stéphane Mendoça, co-produced by Trace Studios and IMOTION and distributed by Trace Studios. This program tells the story of Kendaand her friends who are guided by the “Flèoua”, a book of wisdom that helps them finds solutions to their day-to-day challenges. (15 x 6 mins) 

Betty Sulty-Johnson, VP Content Distribution, Trace Studios, says, “We are thrilled that our first animation co-production (with Imotion from Ivory Coast) has been selected in the TV category at the prestigious Annecy festival. Beyond its design, the themes it tackles – like access to democracy and the protection of nature – are surely key to Kenda’s fabulous nomination!”  

  • Mum is pouring rain, directed by Hugo de Faucompret, co-produced by Dandelooo and Laïdak Films, distributed by Les Films du Préau. In this film, Jeanne, a little girl with a strong character whose mother is going through depression, goes to spend the Christmas holidays with Grandma Onion. (29 mins) 
  • Monsieur Flap “Home Sweet Home”, directed by Brice Chevillard and Nicolas Athané. 
  • Jésus, l’histoire d’une parole “au desert”, directed by Antoine Robet, produced and distributed by Bayard Jeunesse Animation.
  • Mush-Mush “The Gardian of the Forest”, directed by Joeri Christiaen and produced by La Cabane Production.  

French animation also placed in the competition in other categories. In the Young Audiences category, we have, for example, Kiko et les Animauxa Franco-Swiss production directed by Yawen Zheng, Un caillou dans la chaussure directed by Éric Montchaud, and Temps de Cochondirected by Emmanuelle Gorgiard.  

The Short Films category includes several French works, such as: 

  • What resonates in silence, directed by Marine Blin
  • Hold Me Tight, Franco-Belgian co-production directed by Mélanie Robert-Tourneur 
  • Ester Eggs, a Belgian, French and Dutch co-production directed by Nicolas Keppens 
  • Horaciodirected by Caroline Cherrier 
  • Plans for Love, directed by Claire Sichez
  • La Prima Cosa, Franco-Spanish co-production directed by Shira Ukrainitz and Omar Razzak
  • Le Monde en soi, directed by Sandrine Stoïanov and Jean-Charles Finck 
  • The awakening of the insects, directed by Stéphanie Lansaque and François Leroy
  • Mom, by Kajika Aki  
  • O, directed by Paul Wenninger  
  • Under the skin, the bark, directed by Franck Dion 
  • Swallow the Universe, directed by NIETO  
  • Tamgù, Frenco-Argentinian co-production directed by Isabelle Loyer and Luis Paris 
  • Y’a Bon? directed by Marc Faye 
  • Zoizoglyphes, directed by Jeanne Apergis

In the Feature Films category:

  • Flee, co-production between France, Denmark, Sweden and Norway directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen 
  • My Afghan Family, Franco-Czech co-production directed by Michaela Pavlátová  

In the Off-Limits category:  

  • Hum Drum, directed by Patrick Bokanowski 
  • Maalbeek, directed by Ismaël Joffroy-Chandoutis 
  • Scum Mutation, directed by Ov 

French work selected within the Graduation Films category:  

  • 75 000$, Franco-Malien film directed by Moïse Togo 
  • Coffin, directed by Yuanqing Cai, Mikolaj Janiw, Houzhi Huang, Nathan Crabot, Mandinby Lebon and Théo Tran Ngoc 
  • Contraindre, directed by Antoine Fontaine and Galdric Fleury 
  • Les Yeux grands ouverts, directed by Laura Passalacqua
  • La Confiture de papillons, directed by Shih-Yen Huang 
  • My Friend who shines in the night, directed by Grégoire de Bernouis, Jawed Boudaoud, Simon Cadilhac and Hélène Ledevin
  • Oh babe, it’s a Wild World, directed by Coline Durtschi-Guillemot

French films in the Commissioned Films category:   

  • Agnus Dei,directed by Vergine Keaton
  • Alima “Afri-can”, Franco-Brazilian co-production directed by Daniel Bruson and Théo Gottlieb 
  • Kriill “Hurt People hurt People”,directed by Félicien Colmet-Daage 
  • S+C+A+R+R “I Had to Leave”directed by Jack Antoine Charlot